Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Best Cooler for Car Camping-Which is the Best

The Best Cooler for Car Camping-Which is the Best


All-Purpose Portable Mini Fridge ¨ C Perfect for man caverns, Recreational vehicles, outdoor camping, and keeping beer cold at a yard barbecue, our mini portable fridge lets you easily change temperatures with a digitized LCD show for flexible camp use.

★ Multipurpose Refrigerator Storage ¨ C Designed with 26-quarts of storage area this car portable fridge can be used to save soda cans, drinks, treats, food, and other favorites to support home, outdoor, and take a trip needs.

★ Eco and Turbo Modes ¨ C These portable outdoor camping refrigerators have a cooling temperature of -0.4 F to 50F for drinks or frozen products. The Eco mode reaches 32F in an hour, while the Turbo modes reaches 32F only in thirty minutes.

The Best Cooler for Car Camping

★ Smarter Long-Term Assistance ¨ C As soon as our small car refrigerator reaches optimal temperature level it will maintain it without using extra energy. It ¡ ¯ s also insulated, which means it will keep things frozen for as much as 10 hours after being unplugged.

★ Energy Efficient Operation ¨ C Compatible with 12V or 24V DC outlets, we ¡ ¯ ve included a vehicle outlet adapter and 110-240V home outlet to support all your charging requirements. It also reaches temperature levels 0 ¡ ãF for maximum cold without over freezing.

The Best Cooler For Car Camping-What is the Difference